Marketing & Sales

We have built enduring relationships because we honour our obligations to our clients.


Over the years we have acquired extensive knowledge of the residential and commercial property market with up to date data of current property price trends, and are able to successfully negotiate and close large volume sale transactions.

Our team of marketers, estate surveyors and solicitors have the requisite experience and skill to co-ordinate the sales and letting process through the various stages, positioning your property to attract high quality tenants/purchasers thereby maximizing its potential yield.

This process includes jointly developing prospective profiles and a vetting process on the basis of set-criteria, to preparing and refurbishing the property where necessary, arranging and conducting viewings, to preparing and perfecting the legal documentation.

Through-out this process we constantly seek to align the client's investment goals with our professional assessment of current market conditions, to ensure that the client maximizes the returns to be derived fro the property.


In Cortts' role as property manager, we perform such function as negotiating rents, ensuring that tenants comply with the covenants contained in the lease agreements, as well as carrying out other functions that will ensure the maximization and preservation of the client's investment in the property.