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About Us

Cortts Real Estate

Who we are

Cortts Real Estate Limited is a leading real estate company, providing professional property marketing, consulting and development services for our diverse clients in the residential and commercial property markets.

At Cortts, we are committed to high standards of excellence and integrity. We bring our expertise to every project handled by our experienced team, providing a thorough, qualitative service in alignment with our clients’ Real estate needs.

We Are Unique

What makes us different?

  • We take a holistic approach to our business, and our values and beliefs permeate the way that we do business down to the smallest detail
  • Like most businesses we love to keep our eye on the bottom line, BUT we get the most satisfaction from having happy, satisfied customers. This ultimately drives the bottom line and the emphasis that we place on customer service and satisfaction.
  • We constantly motivate and train our staff to remain abreast of current and future trends in the Real Estate market.
  • We provide a complimentary and seamless range of services to ensure that our corporate clients are able to plan real estate acquisitions and staff relocations with the utmost ease and convenience.